Home Sweet Home

Tulisan ini diambil dari note facebook (02 November 2009). I just suddenly miss my home for a while..

listen to my fave song

and I call it my home, home sweet home…
The safest place ever
Keep me warm from the cold
Keep me calm from the sharp thunder when it’s storm outside
Keep its light for me when the dark comes

and I call it my home, home sweet home…
The sweetest place ever
Save me when it’s crowded around by a million people
Save me when the things turn into foes
Save me by its truly affection when nobody believes

and I call it my home…
The place I adore the most
The place that recalls my heart to come back when I go too far
The place which I recognize as “time machine”, bring me back to the past and keep my self dreaming about the future

& this is home . . . . .

Screaming out loud even if people are listening
Turning the radio on a long day
Dancing the song that i love even if others are laughing
Drinking coffee till drop, Even if it keeps me from being sleepy a long night

Watching my fave movies
Who cares if the movies are so last year

Turning off the lamps
and let just the candles shine

Eating too much chocolate

Crying till I feel stupid
Laughing of my own jokes

Jumping till I fall to the ground

… and I just do!!

this is home . . . . .
Home Sweet Home

The place I love the most

The place where I live as I’m

The place where I act as what I fell
Who cares if others are judging

The place I get my childhood back

The place I build my dream on

The place I fix my heart after all those broken times

The place that reminds me ‘bout harmony

this is home, home sweet home


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