*Lesson Learned on March*

Welcome April, would ya be good to me??

Days are running so fast. It might feel like 24 hours counted for a day is just a theory, till I keep watching the clock within my eyes wide open from very early in the morning till late at night, close to the morning.

Still, 24 hours are counted for a day.
I start theorizing about how could it be, days gone faster or even running very slow.

Yes, it’s about FEELING, TIME MANAGING, and how we RESPECT each hour in our life.

These are some lessons I learned on March.

a. Stay True to your self

In a large scale, jujur pastilah menyangkut hajat hidup orang banyak. Ini adalah kejujuran versi para pembesar, pejabat negeri ini.

Even in a large scale, It starts from the smallest one. Here, deep inside our heart.
Dengan jujur pada diri sendiri maka akan lebih mudah untuk jujur pada orang lain. More than just honesty, it’s about respecting ourselves.

March taught me to be honest to my own. Stand on what I say. Say No if I don’t want to. Yes, I can’t please everyone. So when things are going to hurt, I can push them away.

Say what you wanna say, don’t let others lead your toughts or take control of you.

b. Lakukan Sesuatu Karena Kamu Tahu Hal Itu Baik dan Memang Ingin Kamu Lakukan. Bukan karena kamu ingin terlihat sebagai ‘sesuatu

Don’t do things because you want to be known as *smart-beautiful-popular-pretty handsome (u name it)*
it doesn’t work!!!

Do things because you want to do it. Because you know it will be good for you. Do with passion and success will follow.

c. Be proud of yourself

That’s the key!!! Ketika kita bangga menjadi diri sendiri, maka kemungkinan besar kita akan melihat banyak kesempatan atau bahkan menciptakan kesempatan itu sendiri.

We’re born unique. Opportunites are offered for everyone, we just have to grab it!! Should we? Let’s go get it šŸ™‚

March is just a past, let’s fight for April.

Thank GOD for wonderful March, let me have an amazing April.


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