Think : I need a change

I want to live my life to the absolute fullest
To open my eyes to be all I can be
To travel roads not taken, to meet faces unknown
To feel the wind, to touch the stars
I promise to discover myself
To stand tall with greatness
To chase down and catch every dream

Hello there..

It’s been awhile since the last time I wrote here. First, let me greet “Happy Ied Mubarak 1432 H” dear moslems people, brothers and sisters. Second, surely I don’t really know what I want to post here, for maybe it’s too much, or that pieces throb in my mind are just unimportant yet useless.

From May ‘till August a lot of things happened, some left a great effect on me, some not. I miss ‘my campus-time’ and I wish to feel that feeling of young-busy-energetic-girl as soon as possible, pray GOD for my dreams to come true. Ummh, sometimes for no reason, I think that being mature or grown up is something hard. Yea, in fact, I’ll be 24 this month, September. I missed my childhood, I missed me in child version.

I learned a lot about my own capacity, capability, in short, what I my self can do for my own and its life. I have been thinking deeply ever since, I realize that my life still seems absurd. Where should I be? What I gotta do? What would I be in 5 years later? Who will be ‘the one’ standing next to me in the rest? What can I do to others’ life? What I live my life for?

Yes, I know, I need to renew my plan, as simple as possible. I know, I have something inside of me. I just need to dig it deeper.

For someone, it feels good since you came. You are ‘every soul’ I need in one body. Two is better than one, we knew it, and we’ll give a proof.

Change is the only constant thing in the world. Everyone confess it. In the end of August, in the beginning of Ramadhan, I realize that I need a change, better change.

Man can only purposes, GOD disposes.


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