Satu Email, Satu Harapan (lagi!!)

when I woke up early today, I’ve got no reason how I moved and sat down in front of my PC, just to checked new email. Guess what???? I’ve found surprising inbox. I don’t need to say much, because it’s just a beginning, but sure, I put my big expectation on it.

Do you belive in luck? Yes, I believe in luck, –luck as a kind of-series of hard work

it said :

ā€œLuck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.ā€


P.S : I’ve got this interesting site, it is worth a look!!


2 thoughts on “Satu Email, Satu Harapan (lagi!!)

  1. qezzia says:

    I believe in luck, even when I don’t want to believe in it. There is so much in life that is out of our control, and that’s scary, I guess that’s why some people choose not to believe in luck.

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