What was your zero point? Your scary moment?

I’ve always believed that everyone has their own secret problems, no matter how happy they look like or how ‘awesome’ the life they had can be seen from the outer. See? Nobody knows.

Your zero point might be the moment when your beloved mom passed away, your fiance stabbed you and married to other girl, you didn’t pass the test, or someone you really love ruined your heart.

Everyone has the ‘IT’ moment, called zero point.

And here I come with my humble opinion. Moment is just a moment, they will fly as time goes though memories remain. We should believe that we’re not the only one who left broken and pathetic. So we shouldn’t blame ourselves, the moment, even GOD.

Enjoy your zero point, wake up and see things clearly from your pure heart, take a chance, and move on . Remember, problems are made for us to be Stronger than we were. GOD loves us. Live your life to the fullest!!!

“That which does not kill you makes you stronger” ~Neitzsche~


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