December, I’m in Luck!!

Here is my personal definition about what people called by LUCK.

The word Luck is generally assumed as the word refers to something good which happens to us unexpectedly. I’m pretty sure, people will shout, “hey, what a lucky you!” if you won the quiz, even others thought you’re just sitting doing nothing. Luck for sure isn’t only about winning the prizes, we’re also lucky because we can breathe freely when other doesn’t, we can sleep very well while others are just homeless, and for those all we got and other didn’t.

Luck is not a coincidence. We’re lucky the way we are because GOD loves us all. People might see from the outside, foolish man sitting doing nothing, and abrakadabra, the foolish becomes rich suddenly!! What the hell, that foolish man has done?

GOD is good and unpredictable.

We are human, what we do is living life well. Trying as hard as we can. GOD disposes everything. Luck is prepared and given by GOD. We don’t know the way GOD calculate our works.

So, let me say LUCK is what happened as an impact to what we’ve done. It’s simply like a reward from GOD. Universe conspired, and LUCK happened.

I love December as I love other months. Dear GOD, is it oke for me to ask for more LUCK startin’ from this December? Come on, I’m only asking, YOU made it true or not, the decision maker. I know, YOU know me so well even better than me understanding myself. I know, YOU love me.

Dear GOD, I just wanna shout “December I’m in Luck!!!

Eliyan Umamy


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