Experience Jakarta

Let’s laugh, this is my 1st time visiting Jakarta!!!

errrr, kinda excited. I got free itinerary flight ticket, free hotel, and allowances. Yupp, this is my lovely December. I was being here attended interview session and TOEFL test for CCIP scholarship, hanging out was the bonus. Yupp, this is my lovely December. *so what if i mention the same words twice? hahahaha*
Pray me for the best result šŸ™‚

5 days are never enough to experience Jakarta. I need more, yes I need more!! Here, few of important notes based on what I experienced.

* Sure, Jakarta is sooooooooooooo crowded, rite? we spend more time hanging on the road than that our destination place. We spend only 30 minutes in our destination, but It takes two hours on the road. Yapp, kinda crazy.

* People needs money. How do we gain money? We need it, we choose it. The more I see people, the more I see the effort, the effort to survive. Be thankful if you have enough money, be thankful if u survive in easy way.

* Reading habit. Surprisingly, seeing people reading newspaper, magazine, etc, very early in the morning.

* Heiii, Jakarta is amazingly beautiful in the night. I love the air, the wind, sparkling lamp, I love the atmosphere actualy!!

Catch you soon Jakarta!!! Dear GOD, I love you šŸ™‚


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