For Better

How was your January?? Thought it was great or at least-let’s pretend it was good-, *nope! do I believe in”a good start will give a good impact ’till finish line?“* whatever :*

Dan…jrenggg, nggak berasa ini udah 5 Februari aja, tanpa basi-basi Januari kelewat dengan sejuta tanda tanya. And well these are some points I learned, surely for BETTER.

Be realistic. Ya, that’s the point. Kadang-kadang kita melihat sesuatu dari sisi yang *semau kita*. Well, we should look from every side of the box. It doesn’t mean we loose our imagination, but in life, things must be well measured. Realistic means correct estimation based on reality.

Ask, and you will be given. Banyak yang minta sesuatu tapi kayak nggak minta. Come on, sometimes we just have to shoot the point. It will save more energy and time.

Say what you want to say. Indonesia sudah jadi negara yang sangat demokratis. Udah nggak waktunya lagi menyembunyikan sesuatu. If you want to be heard, then voice out your thought.

Teamwork is everything. Though you are smart, independent, hardworker-or everything you name it- those all mean nothing if you don’t have teamwork. Everything will be much more better when we’re working together and elaborate our ideas into a bowl of action. *Yaa, pretty sure I knew it, I felt it*

Respect others. Sehebat atau se-expert apapaun kamu, jangan pernah menganggap orang lain punya kemampuan dibawah kamu. Kamu bisa karena kamu belajar lebih dulu atau bisa jadi karena kamu punya lebih banyak waktu dan kesempatan untuk belajar. So please, don’t ever look others down!! #selfnote


Lombok Kids Project

Lombok Kids Project

P.S : Selamat hari lahir, Rasulullah SAW. Let us learn more from You..:) WE LOVE YOU.


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