Things That Make Me Happy

Life goes on, I knew. My life is good as always, how’s yours?

A few months ago, I was busy preparing back up plan for my project. I’ve realized things are not always running as we want. Things are unstable, they sometimes can’t be controlled manually.

The most important thing I’ve learned from those moments is “MAKING A CHOICE IS A MUST“. It is called life, because in it we can find various kind of moments. We find happiness and could suddenly fall into sadness, we see smile and find tears, we meet people in many colors, one can be black and other is white. Yaa, Life can sometimes be a scary place. Life, in a very artsy way could offer some choices. Well, once we find it, make a choice! Don’t let the options hang too long, because it’s slowly killing. Whether we like it or not, we want it or not, WE SHOULD MAKE A CHOICE. Then just go move on..

Oke, forget those random words written above. In case I just want to remind myself that I’m writing about ‘things that make me happy’ wohohoho..

Finally I got my passport! Let’s travel around the world baby!! Big thanks to Lalu Imam, you help a lot!!

doctor's sign

My documents are finally well received. Big thanks to Dr. Harbanu, Sp.Pd, you cool, doctor! USA, here I come, wait for me!!;D

Just met an old friend of mine, Rudy Bintang 🙂

lovely mama

picture of us : me-vika-mom

Just found my lovely mom’s old photos. Mom, can u see me from high above?? I know you do.

I thank my dad, my bro, my sist, for unconditional love and support, my big family for being loyal, anytime, my friend for coloring my life. For You, Yuu..definitely for completing any missing part in me. Wholeheartedly, I thank Allah, for being my here,there,& everywere.

~ Treat life in good way, life will treat us better ~


2 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Happy

  1. hans elhanifa says:

    proud of you sista
    you always inspire me in ur conscious or unconscious condition
    move on
    hold de world
    l’ll wait a glorious news tell me dat Eliyan Umami; my little cute sista is now being a wonderfull women whose caring about de happiness life of human being* not only in indonesia but all around de world
    what a great job
    what a happy broda i am to ear it
    keep moving forward dear

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