in life.

In life, things happen in various ways. It can be good news from your old friend, shocking firing email from company you’re working at, or maybe someone just got an accident in front of your office. You can add more condition if you want to, actually because we all experience things.

A few days ago, I was shocked to find that my brother’s girl friend left him and married another man. Surprisingly, because they have been together for 9 years but unfortunately their love story ends up sadly. Yes, ‘soul mate’ is a part of those mysterious things in this damn crazy life, right? The lesson is;if someone doesn’t want to be with you again, let him/her go, no need to keep her with you. Yes, maybe she will stay, but she might be unhappy. So, just leave her free, that’s the wisest way. However, I pray you, bro for the best mate to accompany you for the rest of your life. Amin, GOD always listens.

I also found funny facts, like the differences of how we did things. Here’s what I mean. I used to ride twice a week for the sake of health, but I meet the old man riding on his bike every morning. Well, this is not for the sake of health, but it’s a part of his effort to survive, yes he needs money. Another man walks more than 10 km, or even more to sell his stuffs every day, so why walk? Because he has no bike nor motorcycle. Yes, it’s also a part of his effort to survive. But the other rich man found ‘walking’ as a part of his weekly training, again for the sake of his health. We have our own page, we walk through it, and here we see the differences of one’s life.

I thank GOD, I’m thanking him again, because I ever experienced a life in the beginning of 90’s, an ordinary life. That was when Rp.100 was worth a thousand to me as a kid. There were no facebook and twitter. No handphone, computer, or internet connection. GOD, that was amazing. Today, it feels weird when I see some of social media users vying for fame, maybe including me. Someone can talk too much about his life, judge other’s life, laugh on one’s problem, and he still feels so normal. Some even trying too hard to catch people’s attention. Well, I don’t know. I have no right to judge other’s choice.

So yes, in life, things happen in various ways. Be well prepared, and trust GOD on everything. HE knows us even more than we know ourselves, I mean HE has planned the best for us.

Anyway, I’ll be working on DS160 for my visa. Wish me doing good with that, because my visa interview is being prepared for the next week. And see you very soon in United State of America!!


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