Hello There, I’m in The USA!

Yes, I finally found myself, this little clumsy girl in the United States of America. How does it sound?? To me, it Sounds like an error voice record distracted my daily life. I can not even believe that I’m writing this post from this white warm room at Mrs. Amanda’s house in Tacoma, WA, and it’s 6.40 am in the morning. I should’ve posted some pictures, but unfortunately I forgot to bring a cable for my pocket camera.

I arrived here on August, 14th. I still feel “Jet Lag“, people say it’s a normal thing because of a different time zones. The United States is 14 hours left from Indonesia. Crunchy!!!

Yesterday, I was attending our first orientation as NWCCI students at Pierce College. Everything was running well. We met each other, remembered faces and names, campus touring, did some funny chats, and of course took a lot of pictures together.

This one was taken by Haeril Halim, our senior from Ms. Bebbhin’s camera.

CCIP-1st day NWCCI Orientation

CCIP-1st day NWCCI Orientation

They were so funny!! Crunchy!!

I found things were different compared to my home country, a lot of things. Yes, I should write it in another post. I will. I’m still fasting today. I woke up late *still beacuse of time zones*, felt sleepy in the class, and still have a problem with my tongue, *it’s killing because I can’t eat any foods here* wahaha. Anyway , I enjoyed it. Gotta learn a lot!!

Here is another photo taken by Yoga. We are the Indonesian Fourtastic Four at Pierce College.

CCIP Student-Fousrtastic Pierce

Left-Right : Yoga-Valentino-Eliyan*that’s me*-Alam-Wesley-Ever

Catch you later!!


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