1433 H : a piece of thought

Happy Idul Fitri 1433 H dear moslem brothers and sisters!!

Emmm, I’m not really sure why I choose to open my blog account tonight. Exactly, I have nothing to post about. Everything is almost the same like yesterday. I woke up in the morning, met another international students and americans around, adjusting myself into new atmosphere.

That’s all.

But, today is special because it’s Idul Fitri in Indonesia, my lovely country. A special celebration after a month of fasting. We cooked a lot of meals, cakes, fruits. We took pray together, shook hand, and visited each other at home. Everyone must be happy. We asked for the forgiveness to each other. Nobody may kept the anger inside, every hatred must be thrown away. Yes, we have our brand new soul!!

Here, in America, Idul Fitri will be held tomorrow, August 19th, Sunday. I plan to go with some of moslem indonesian students here, take a pray, and attending ‘Halal-Bihalal’ invitation from one of Indonesian in -somewhere I don’t know-.

I just wonder if I could fly over states and find myself at home, now. Is that too much? hehh, then forget it. Idul Fitri is like a time machine, and it gets worst when I’m away from home. I’m sitting in front of my screen, remembering my past, my old home, my childhood, my family. They come together continuously, queuing one after one, hit me at mind. They successfully stole my attention.

I wonder that time has passed by over the years. It felt like yesterday. I was just a kid, cried and held my mom tightly. Being picked up to school and given too much advices at the time. Have you ever thought the way I think? Time is constant. It keeps moving forward. We grow through the time. Once, we were kid, grew up being teen and finally adult.

Oh God, it’s too much.

Emm, I remember : within a great power comes a great responsibility. Just like us, we live on purpose to be better man alive day by day. Life is simple, people said that. But it’s just simple the way it is, not the way we are. So, could we make the best deal with it?

Don’t ask me.

I bet the questions will keep coming back if we talk about living live. So, I simply choose to live it in my own way. I’m not a fortune teller, I don’t know what’s gonna come to me in the future. But, at least, I want to live my life in a good way, being useful to others, I want to make my life a worth one.

GOD listens, He knows us better.

Happy Eid Mubarak!!

P.S : How’s your Eid mom?? Kinda Amazing celebration up there, I bet it. We love you, as always. 🙂

white-red nation-Indonesia!


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