on being newbie.

I just can’t get sleep at night, and end up here. Sometimes, and or maybe almost of the time writing is the best way out to cope all your confusion.

Here I’m lying on my bed with my eyes wide open. It supposed to be bed time, but I just woke up from my short sleep and suddenly got stuck. Ohh well, let’s say I’m a newbie.

There’s always a first time for everything you do in life.

So how to handle your weird feeling when being a newbie?? I’m still looking up, anyway. Biological signs inside my body are also adapting to the new time zone. My sleepy eyes are wide open in the middle of the night but got to be look like puppy eyes in the morning. Ohh well, let’s say I’m a newbie.

Every day is a brand new one for newbie. Every little things need to be adjusted as well as we can. See? Living outside your comfort zone might be so scary but also challenging at once.

Being a newbie, it takes you to know yourself more. It takes you to move from your comfort zone to another comfy one. It helps you to see your weakness clearly and find your new strength. Yes, it may take times, but you will be fine at all.

Yes, I’m a newbie!!!


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