Now I know How It Feels.

Hi, I’m here for my blog! Horray!! It has been a while since my last post in this blog, and I knew if I tried to be a little bit more discipline, I would have more posts here. I remembered that time when I reminded myself to write at least one post in each day. Hahaha… Man, come on! Breaking the promises is so me, lol!

Time is running very fast, even I guess that time is not running, but it’s flying! Because flying is faster than running. wohoo.. Once, it was like a dream when I finally found my feet on the land of United States, and now I’ve been here for 40 days, almost two months! How does it feel? Is it cool? Is it weird? Is it interesting? Is it what you want? Well, YES IT IS.

There was a time in my life when I felt like I wanted to travel far from home. I wondered how it would feel to be a stranger? how it would feel to wake up in another warm bed room? How it would feel if everybody I met everyday said that they missed me? How it would feel to be the caretaker of my own self fully? How it would feel to walk on the new boulevard, cross the new road, shake the stranger’s hand? How it would feel if I surrounded by the people that I’ve never met before and even I didn’t know their name?

Now, I fell it. Now I know how it feels. To me, this new experience is like finding the pieces of puzzle in my own fairytales. Well yeah, Maroon 5 said that “All those fairytales are full of sh*t” but sometimes it can be so awesome.

I realized that I’ve been to much worried about things, ohh maybe the word curious is better. I’ve always asked my own about; what is that? what is this? How it would feel? Can you? Will you? Are you sure? Are you okay? The bad things were the “Ohhh, you won’t make it, it doesn’t work for you, stupid you” came very often as the answer.

In every single day, I always feel like this is what Allah wanted to show me. This is how Allah works his plan on me. This is how Allah wanted me to know the better me. The better me is not only for me, but also for my family and society. This is how I want to run my life, life for sharing.

See you next post! I have a lot of activities, issues, and stories to share!! BYE 🙂


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