I found this very nice poem written on Slam–Students Literary Arts Magazine (Pierce College).

by : Doc Williams

The rain dropped slowly
As if everything were in slow motion
You could see the individual drops
Tiny as peanuts, colliding as an asphalt
Exploding into million pieces.

You feel the melody
The rain drumming
Cool beats on your head
Pa pat
Pa pat
Piddle paddle pat
A rain this good is like
Watching a river current
Peaceful, tranquil
But still a game as you try
To catch the cool, moist drops with your tongue.

At this moment, you are a sponge
You soak up all the tranquility
And release all the chaos, the turmoil.
At this moment, you exist
In this time and place
To be here in this rain
To feel the rain slide down your check
Your warmth reflects off the drop
You become one with the rain
Piddle paddle
Diddle daddle
And the rain goes on.
fall in Washington


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