You will never know the meaning of light ’till you see the dark…

one misty morning..

It is Saturday, 4.20 am in the morning. I woke up too early this morning. No, it is not only today, but almost everyday. I think I’ve just got a new syndrome called–midnight hysteria–

I am still amazed, looking back to 14th August and experiencing how fast it goes to December. God is great, it must be true, isn’t it? Many things happened in my life lately and I know it is going to be continued day by day. I love it! I love the fact that this life we live in is mysterious; It is amazing to see a lot of possibilities coming on the way.

Let me note some wonderful moments I’ve been through these previous months.

* Having a memorable birthday party. Yes! Since It was almost 10 years since the last time I had a cake in my party. You know, when you grow older, birthday celebration becomes less meaningful.


cake killer at Amanda's house

Paint by the cake

* Having my 1st Halloween party in Pierce College. I was in black costumes from top to toe. I wanted to be a black wizard that time, thought it was failed, but at least it was not that bad.

black wizard!

all men in black

happy halloween!

* Having a lovely friendship family. Amanda, she is a gorgeous smart lady! A sporty mommy yet a nice friend to share with.

lovely Amanda!

* Meeting other Indonesian people was just so great!! Love to know that we have a weekly meeting aka PENGAJIAN or ARISAN.

Indonesian mom

soto ayam


* Visiting some places that were so interesting; Anne Wright School Consular Reception, pumpkin patch volunteering, volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, Korean Night, World Vision, Lakewood City Council, Ice Skating, Zoo light.. and many more to come! (I’ve already mentioned some places I’ve been to in my previous post :))

PLU football match

julian bond general lecture

Korean Night

Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity

Pumpkin Patch

Anne Wright School event with Major Tacoma

ice skating

theo chocolate

chocolate tour!

* Joining Multicultural Leadership Institute (MLI). That was a great opportunity to share a different background we were raised in to other participants. Although we’re different, still we share a lot of similarities. No more racism, no more generalization.

multicultural weekend intensive

* Presenting INDONESIA in International Education Week event. I would never realize how much it means being a (unofficial) representative for my lovely country. I will always proudly say: I LOVE BEING INDONESIAN!
proud to be Indonesian!

* Having my first Thanksgiving celebration. It was fun to know how much it means for American people. Eat turkey and enjoy long weekend! Upss, don’t forget Black Friday! For that reason I purchased Canon EOS 600 D for $ 519, and now it is on its way to come.

happy thanksgiving!

Thank GOD for this super wonderful opportunity! 🙂

*NOTE: most of the pictures are mine, some are taken from Pierce College NWCCI’s group picture, Khalida, Anish, and Wesley.


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