One Day Trip in Portland

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” — Danny Kaye

I am not a traveler, but traveling has been in my list since I didn’t remember when. My teacher once asked the question to the class, “What are you going to do, if you don’t have to make money for living”? I am one of those who answered, “travel”.

I am not very good in remembering places, roadways, streets, signs; but I’d love to explore if I have more time, so I can really get lost and find my own way back. I need a traveler buddy, though. My MAN; yeah, he’ll probably be the best mate to travel with in the future.

We went in a group to Portland, Oregon, yesterday. I loved it! My first visit in September was too short (less than 3 hours). Yesterday was better, but I still want more!

Portland is such a lovely city. I think it is pretty much similar to Seattle. It was rain and cold yesterday, but still I could feel the warmth of it. Portland is more quiet than Seattle in case of traffic and has a smaller roadways. Some said, Portland has a better transportation system and safety. Seattle has more urban energy!

traffic in Portland

a quiet traffic in Portland

public transportation in Portland

quiet roadway

Some people told me that Portland is the house of organic products, that the reason why it is called ‘Green City.” Since there’s no sales tax in Oregon, everything is cheaper here, highly recommended for crazy shopper!

Keep Portland Green!

She's a crazy shopper

I found some unique artistic statues, but I think Seattle has more. It was awesome to see that each city has a different artistic symbol. I love both!

strong man statue


kid statue

United States of America

it's me!

We went to the river (what was the river name? I forgot it :D) down the street. The water was brown, but it has a good view though, I swear! We walked around the China Town, passed through a beautiful park and found a Saturday market. I really really loved the park! the view was simply wonderful. The Saturday market was also great. The products sold were highly artistic and hand made, it was worth the price!

river down the road

the park's stair

the city view from the river

we called it 'the iBuilding"

beautiful park across the China Town

wonderful view from the park

city view from distance

artistic statue in the park

Saturday Market

Portland’s nickname include “Rose City”, “City of Bridge”, “Rip City”, “Rivercity”, “Stumptown”, and “Puddletown”. -read somewhere in Portland-

umbrella girl

See you next trip!


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