It was Tuesday in the morning, 7.24 am when I was still laying on my bed and suddenly thought to open the window. My eyes were wide open to see the white blanket covered the yard, roofs, cars, grass; everything was covered in white, everything.

It was snowing yesterday, my first snow. It was wonderful to see it right in front of my door, right in my sight. Seeing a snow was no longer in my dream, it came true.

What makes snow beautiful? Is it the color, the shape, or the sensation given? I go with the last. It is the sensation given; to me it is like stopping the time for a couple of seconds, a cold frozen moment.

December 2012, It would be one of the memorable month in my life.

This is my white December.

it is snow

first snow in Lakewood

I hold the snow!

Lakewood, WA.


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