live a happy life

I have been talking too much to myself these days. I just think that I need it, sometimes. I recalled memories, listened to old songs, scrolled pictures from my Facebook, and sent messages to friends.

I miss all those quirky moments. I miss all those teenage funny stories. I laugh when I remembered little stupid things that I have done. I am glad that I have been there, in my past. I am glad for what I am now.

I clearly remember that I used to have two types of books; question book and dream book. The question book was where I put all questions; from silly question like what-is-my-friend-name to the high quality scientific question like why-the-sky-is-blue. When I met somebody that I thought would be able to answer my questions, I would just ask, and wrote down the answer, as well as when I read books and found the answer. I forget when was the last time I had that book. Senior high school, maybe.

Why do I stop having that book? Don’t ask me why. I wonder if I could have another new question book.

The dream book was where I wrote all my dreams and wishes; from a teenager’s dream, like I-want-to-have-a-motorcycle to the achievement that I might accomplish like I-want-to-write-a-novel. It has been a long time ago since the last time I marked the dream I have accomplished.

I still remember couple of achievements that I have marked before I lost my dream book; being able to ride a motorcycle, being a radio announcer, reporter, etc.

I lost my book before I put a mark on this dream I finally achieved; being able to go abroad before I turn 25. The dream I wrote randomly finally came true. However, I knew when I wrote it, I really meant it.

A couple weeks ago, my teacher asked me to write “The Personal Mission Statement” based on Stephen Covey‘s book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. I was surprised that I got confused what to write in.

What is my mission in life? What I want to do? What kind of life I want to have? What kind of person I want to be remembered as?

I came up with my mission statement which I knew was still unfixed and need to be revised again and again. Then I Immediately remembered about my dream book. I think I will have a new one. A new dream book where I can write down all dreams and wishes. As the time goes by, I will be able to see what I have written, how many of those I would have accomplished, and definitely put some more dreams I want to reach.

At the end, the frame of my dreams would be “TO LIVE A HAPPY LIFE.” Just that simple.

my picture was taken from here.


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