Spotted in Brooklyn bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

People love history, especially personal history. I think everybody wants to remember moments and to be remembered as a person. That is the reason why people love keeping memories in form of writing or taking photograph. Sometimes, people randomly write their names on historical buildings or bridges, or even on the walls at home. I remember the sad scene from The Shawshank Redemption, thus when the-ex prisoner wrote his name on the wall before the suicidal …was here. People want to be known, to be remembered, and to be appreciated.

These are few pictures I took during my visit to Brooklyn Bridge, New York, last December., nothing special, I just think these pictures are interesting, they represent love, dream, and new era of social media πŸ™‚


a number of locks heart

blue and red represent men and women, perhaps?

Jen and Ben

New York could be as romantic as Paris, huh?

instagram Chelsea

Facebook promotion

Social media, just as its name, everything goes social. Secret doesn’t exist anymore, don’t you think so? Well, not a 100% though.

Barzilian Bracelet

My friends from Brazil told me that this is a wish bracelet. Knot it somewhere, and when it naturally breaks down and fall off, your wish will come true. Magic!

Barack Obama

I was so curious about this one “Barackisha Obamaniqua” (the name written is missing the s). I thought it was another way to write President Obama’s name in certain language. No, it wasn’t. I tried to search about the name, and it referred to Ghetto’s funny name. I tried to search again what Ghetto means, but there were so many different perspectives. Well, let’s say somebody wrote it just for fun. Really? Let me know if you know the what and why!



6 thoughts on “Spotted in Brooklyn bridge

  1. taktang says:

    Entah kenapa gw teringat jaman dulu ninggalin jejak di screen saver warnet.. “Udin was here”.. Pake tulisan yang bisa muter2 sama ganti warna hehe.. Kemarin waktu ke NY blum sempet ke Brooklyn Bridge nih, jadi penasaran. Nanti mau kesana deh pas end year retreat πŸ™‚

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