(Maybe) We Need to Let It Go

I don’t like drama, and I’m not a type of drama queen person. At least not in public. If I’m appeared to laugh ’till I look stupid, or being a talk active all day long, you may see the different side of me. I’m a true introvert, only that I’m good on switching it back and forth. Oh well, you don’t have to believe what I’m writing about.

That day.
That day was probably written up there in heaven as our last day. I just thought that everything was over, and there was nothing more to expect. I’m hopeless. I’m lost in my own thought.

…and you.
Maybe I’ve been hurting you that much. Maybe I’m too stupid to let the story goes on and on. I kept you there, hanging on uncertainty. I’m sorry for all those mistakes.

I still don’t know where it leads. I don’t even have an idea where it goes.

Maybe we need to learn to let it all go.
All that dreams and hopes.

I don’t know.


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