Find The Rhythm

Januari is almost gone. Can you believe it?

For a time-counter person like me, the fact of me writing this post on January, 27 is like “damn! Where have the times gone?” cliche, but true.

It’s been a crazy hectic month. Been working more than 12 hours daily, leaving my house at 8.30 am and going back at 10 or 11 p.m. Been writing bunch of reports, posts, articles, stories, but unluckily not for this blog. Been working with some new people, interviewing some figures, planning about this and that, and other bla..bla.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes I did.

But, along with me enjoying all those stuffs, I also miss so many things.

I miss my home. I miss my daddy. I miss my annoying ‘lil sissy. I miss my people. I miss my me time.

GET some, LOOSE some, that’s how you keep the baggage in balance, someone told me. Wise yet tricky quotation.

However, I don’t think if in my case it’s about losing something.

Find the RHYTHM, that’s what my brain asks me to do. Keep adding new things without losing any important part in my life circle.

And the time is always now. Find the Rhythm, and keep going!


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