These Past Few Months

Hi world!

It’s been a while since my last post, and it’s obvious that I’m so missing this (not so) personal space.

Dear self, Forgive me please for being a super lazy writer. In fact, there are lot of stories and lessons learned I want to share to the world. A lot, really.

Let me note a few.

* Was busy helping my boss with Master TreeGrower Project held in Sumbawa. It was fulfilling to see how happy and excited the community was in learning new things, and that magical faces told me that, “Yes, we believe something better will happen in the future.” And that priceless feeling when you knew that you brought them “HOPE”. a HOPE that encourages them to keep dreaming, and work hard to achieve the goal.

Master TreeGrower Course Sumbawa

* My besties, Gharnindya Ramawardhani, got married on April 18, 2014. It was a big WOW, that she finally ended her single journey. I’m so happy for the new adventure she’s now in. Less drama, of course 🙂

Nindy's wedding

* Life after failure is never that easy. But once again, we proved that, “together we CAN face it!”. We love you, dad! And no matter what happens, you will always be our only favorite DAD, forever.

* Yay, I finally conquered Rinjani. I went for mount climbing with WWF-Nusa Tenggara team, and that was a super amazing experience. At least once in your life time, you have to go climb the mount! (That was a silly conversation in late 2013, when I told the team that I wanted to climb Rinjani before going ‘double’, and see? It just happened in a magical way. Thank GOD, it’s another dream you made true).

Rinjani summit 2014

* My other besties, Lina, will soon get married this coming June! After all those broken-heart experiences, and galau talks, she finally found the one! CONGRATS!


* I thank Allah, that I finally found the one (it’s not just a thought). It feels so right. It feels so right. Like never before. And may Allah bless this feeling and relationship, till that moment for a life time. I’m wholeheartedly thanking Allah for us together, for this sweet scenario. A cosmological coincidence.

we love us!

I am ready for the next journey! 🙂


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