Would My Mom be Proud?

Would my mom be proud of me if only she were still alive today?

This silly question popped up in my mind when I woke up this morning. She–my most favorite lady on earth– passed away 6 years ago. And those who ever experienced coping with the death of their beloved ones, we’re all surely know that it’s never been easy to deal with it.

Things have changed in so many ways.
We all as the big family have learned from many unexpected things happen along the journey.
We are getting stronger than before.
We all have grown up.

Would you be proud to see me as who I am today?
Would you smile to know how many big decisions I have made in life, and how confidence I am to continue the journey?
Do you think I’ll be a good wife and mother like you did?

I am a proud daughter of you, mom, always.. 🙂


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