Your Happiness is Also Ours, Bro!

I am writing this post while waiting for the flight back home from Batam to Lombok. There are 5 of us here, a family. Never thought about traveling together this far with my dad, momi, brother, sister, & aunty. This is for the first time, and definitely we travel for good: celebrating happiness. Yes, my brother finally decided to marry his girlfriend. And Since I knew the battle they have gone through to have their marriage and wedding set up, I congratulate them wholeheartedly that they finally made it.

One thing that really surprising was me finding my own self crying in that moment. I couldn’t keep my tears. I did cry. I cried hard. The wonder of realizing that us four are all grown up, and the first born was going to start his new adventure made me cry. Seeing my dad in tear again after that heart-breaking moment in 2009 was priceless. Being there for my brother in his once in a lifetime moment, far from home, was probably the best gift I could give to him. Oh, and also that lovely feeling of having a new family from his wife’s side made me happy. I really am happy. And I confidently say that all of us are happy. We are happy.

I have nothing more to say, big bro! Thanks for spreading happiness. I pray you a blessed and happy marriage from now on till forever.

Your happiness is also ours, bro!





P.S.: I bet our beloved mom is also happy up there.. she’s always there for us, no matter we live in different world 😀


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