How’s your life lately?

It’s been a while. Somehow I think I have lost my writing skill, my tweeting skill. I am so tweet less lately, not to mention writing. I am beyond writing less.

I Still check my social media accounts every day, but not really having stuff to put on it. I enjoy watching people and read their stuffs, wondering what they have been through, and whether they ‘think’ before posting those stuffs or not.

Or maybe I tweet less or write less because I think I have got better understanding about myself. Writing used to be my getaway to be free from doubt, hesitation, and what so ever you call it. Lately, I decided to just keep it in. Like, I have enough tools to express me. No, it doesn’t mean I have so many secrets, I just, well, being a bit private. I prefer to post pictures or re-tweeting or re-sharing. Stuffs that do not really require me to think seriously.

Life is still and always awesome. Been doing many great activities with a lot of great people. I learned a lot from them, and I hope they did from me. I don’t really know whether I’m still thinking about finding my path or not. Seems like all those stuffs I have been doing are just there, like I am not moving anywhere. Anyway, as long as those all are positive and bring benefit to others, why not? Why should I still care about path? Let the path finds me. At the end, isn’t it happiness that we are all looking for?

And about personal life. Yes, I am now in that stage. The stage that I have never had an idea of how it would feel before. Yes, I am in. This is the “never before” that I always want to feel. That stage of which your heart stop to wander. And I feel like finding my lost-part, my other half, the missing puzzle that completes me, that makes the whole me. I feel like finding a home that I want to live in forever. With no doubt. This is a finally home. And I want to have this feeling forever, for the rest of my life. Yes, I want to get married, be a wife, be a mother. Hopefully this will soon come true. InsyaAllah.

Man proposes, God disposes. Who am I without my greatest creator, Allah, the owner of universe? I let him leads me. I pray that Allah bless me, bless us, all the way.

I am doing all fine. I don’t sleep late anymore like I used to (well, don’t count tonight). I don’t do my office works at home (at least not as often as before). I do regular sport. I eat less carbo and keep working on a healthy diet (my weight is still the same, need to loose few pounds). I read books, listen to good musics, watch few good movies every month. I meet a lot of new people and make friendship. I go for teaching twice a week. I still fall in love with the blue sea and blue sky. I love my dad. I miss my mom. I love my siblings. I respect my step-mother. I love my family. I love my job.

And the summary is: I LOVE MY LIFE

That’s all about me lately. What about you? How’s your life lately?


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