This Too Shall Pass

So, it is February.
I am writing this blog post from my laptop sitting on my brother’s office, well this basically is my (old) office too.

I can’t keep myself from not being amazed of how time flies this fast. And even if I realized that it is, I’m amazed. Still. For me, this fact somehow like a slap on my face. You know that feeling of uselessness, of not doing enough while the time passes you by. You face the (almost) same routines everyday, worrying the same stuffs, and sometimes pretending that you are strong enough to tackle the world issues. Yes I am a super hero.

It is true that life goes on. I am a firm believer of that saying. No matter what happens to you or what you are worrying about, life seems to keep going in its own stream–unstructured, dangerous. Chaos. That’s why, instead of busying myself with all those scenarios (one scenario is in my thought, and the other one is what happens in real life), I decide to just keep going and grow with the flow.

I stop living too many what ifs. I try to enjoy the flow and grow with it. I don’t know if what I’m doing is right, but at least I try to make every moment counts.

For every troubles and difficulties you face
For all your doubts and worries
For whatever happens in your life
Embrace them all

All those must come to pass
This too shall pass

– El


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