A Self-Discovery

Travelling helps you discover yourself, but marriage also does. Marriage does it even much better in a way you never thought before.

That’s how I start this post. I am not asking you to be on the same boat. And it’s always okay to be agree to disagree. But, that’s exactly what cross my mind right now.

To me, self-discovery is important, as it reveals who I am. Who I am that I might not know before. The blind, the unknown area, a theory of Johari Window said. This includes hidden potential that sleeps in me for so long time. No, I’m not saying this to let people know who I think I  am. This is more like, I-am-knowing-myself.

So, it’s been almost seven months since we tied a knot on September 29. Time flies and it takes me to-some-stranger-places-I-have-never-had-an-idea-before. What I mean by “places” is actually a state of feeling, emotion, thought, and or any like-terms.

here some of what I don’t know before.

I don’t know if I ever will to spend more time to cook.

I don’t know I can be more organized.

I don’t know I can lift a heavy bed just to make sure my husband can sleep well at night.

I don’t know If I ever will to negotiate on what-to-wear instead of dressing on my so-too-much-casual-outfit.

I don’t know if I have more than enough patience than what I think I had.

and the list goes on..and on..and on

And all that’s written above is nothing compared to what’s I experience in real life. Man, I’m so much me!

To this point, marriage still amazes me with all its magical things. I wake up everyday with this kind of “today’s gonna be great adventure!” feeling. And I love it so much!


What about you?


Celebrating the 5th anniversary of his company. I’m a proud wife. 🙂


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